Professions in colleges and technical schools are not suitable for employers demand

Under the chairmanship of President Shavkat Mirziyoyev, a video-projector meeting is being held on measures to improve the professional training of the population and the activities of the monomarkas.

At the meeting, it was noted that the system consisting of 330 vocational schools, 173 colleges and 207 technical units is not used effectively. They are using only 40-50 percent of their available capacity.

Colleges given to the ministries of Energy, Water Resources, Housing and communal services are working at 20 percent, while colleges of the ministries of construction and Transport are working at 10 percent capacity.

In the current year, about 15 thousand students of colleges and technical schools were unable to continue their studies due to the lack of opportunities to pay contract money.

Most importantly-the professions in colleges and technical schools are not suitable for the demand of employers. As a result, they are forced to re-educate the young people they have hired.

Educational programs are far behind the modern requirements, there are not enough professional textbooks and literature in 1 thousand 350 titles.

It was criticized that the responsible ministries dealing with the solution of these problems are not working systematically.

Therefore, the introduction of a new system of adaptation of vocational education to modern requirements was determined.