Prohibition in using forms, expressions and images that contradict morality and spirituality in ads

On June 7, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev signed the Law on Advertising. According to the document, advertising in textbooks and notebooks, the use of images contrary to national and family traditions, the image of celebrities and medical workers, the display of commodity prices in foreign currency are prohibited. In addition, the ads indicate the age category.

According to the document, the followings are prohibited:

advertising of goods in printed media (textbooks, school diaries, school notebooks, etc.) used in pre-school education and upbringing, general secondary, secondary special and vocational education;

indication of prices (rates) in foreign currencies;

advertising of information products without indicating the age category in cases stipulated by the legislation on the protection of children from information harmful to their health;

use of forms, expressions and images that contradict national and family traditions, as well as generally accepted norms of morality and spirituality.

It is prohibited to involve celebrities, medical personnel or persons who look like doctors in advertising of medicines.

The total duration of advertising on TV channels, in TV programs, video and newsreel programs cannot exceed 20 percent of the airtime per hour, and 15 percent of the airtime per day. The requirement does not apply only to TV channels that specialize in advertising TV programs. Television programs of less than 10 minutes duration cannot be interrupted by advertisements and cannot be shown together with advertisements.

The law puts into practice 3 months after its official publication.