Project that united international companies

The next presentation was made to Mr. Uzgur Onur Uzguven, a member of the maiden issue of Bright Uzbekistan magazine, founder of the Uzguven construction company, chairman of the Turkish-Uzbek Business Council.

Construction is one of the fastest progressing areas in Uzbekistan, which is enlisting a large inflow of investments. In recent years, large companies and specialists from a number of countries have been attracted to Uzbekistan to contribute to the advancement of this sector.

One of such companies is Uzguven Mimarlik that is implementing major projects in Uzbekistan, which invested to build the NestOne skyscraper.

Team Bright Uzbekistan led by Davron Abdullaev met with the founder of Uzguven, Uzgur Onur Uzguven, and presented the first issue of Bright Uzbekistan.

During the meeting, the sides exchanged views on future cooperation plans and the 2nd issue dedicated to Türkiye.