Public and private partnership projects will increase dramatically

The Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On further reforms to improve the business environment and create conditions for sustainable economic growth through the development of the private sector" was signed.

In accordance with the decree, creating conditions for the development of energy resources, transport and communications markets and the introduction of private investment into the industry, projects of Public-Private Partnership in the areas of drinking and flowing water, heat supply, landscaping, road construction, aviation infrastructure will be dramatically increased.

The decree also calls for the continuation of institutional and administrative reforms to ensure the inviolability of private property and freedom of entrepreneurial activity, as well as the rule of law in this regard;

  • Accelerate the transformation and privatization of state-owned enterprises and commercial banks, reduce the share of inefficient enterprises in the economy, increase investment and high-performance technologies based on new principles, in particular, environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG). 'to strengthen;

  • to stimulate the development of various segments of the financial market through further liberalization of money and capital markets, thereby creating conditions for privatized and transformed enterprises to form alternative sources of financing their activities;

  • Accelerate the attraction of foreign investors in geological prospecting, mining and processing to provide a guaranteed raw material base for the driver sectors of the economy, in particular, mining, oil and gas, chemical, construction materials and other industries, mineral resources. support the increase of database reserves;

  • to tolerate and fight against all forms of corruption in all spheres and industries;

  • It also includes measures to prevent corruption in state-owned enterprises and commercial banks through the widespread introduction of modern methods of corporate governance, including compliance systems, and transparency in the procurement system.