Putin urged CIS countries to be ready to fight back militants from Afghanistan

The CIS countries must be ready to counter terrorists on the border of Afghanistan, Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a meeting with the heads of the secret services of the CIS countries.

The situation in Afghanistan now, the president admitted, is not easy: "After the final withdrawal of American troops, power in Afghanistan passed into the hands of the Taliban, who establish their own rules and regulations." At the same time, in Afghanistan, Putin reminded, “a number of groups of international terrorists from the ISIS continue to operate” (the “Islamic State” is also a terrorist organization recognized in Russia and banned - RBK).

“From Iraq, Syria, militants with experience in military operations are actively being drawn there. Therefore, it is possible that terrorists may try to destabilize the situation in neighboring states, including the CIS countries, right up to the beginning of direct expansion, ”the Russian leader warned.

In this regard, Putin believes, the CIS countries "it is important to constantly monitor the situation on the Afghan border and be ready to counter the militants." For this, in the opinion of the President of Russia, the members of the commonwealth need to "coordinate the work of power structures and, if necessary, carry out joint special operations."

“Moreover, you have experience of successful work in this direction, including within the framework of the CIS antiterrorist center,” Putin added.