Radar locations are for sale

The State Traffic Safety Inspectorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs reported that in accordance with the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 2320 of April 21, the installation sites of radars and cameras will be put up for auction through "E-auksion".

The object is assigned to the winner of the online auction on the basis of ownership for an unlimited period with the right to transfer to other entrepreneurs. Information about the location of the site, traffic flows in the area and the violations detected over the past 2 years is published in the public domain.

Currently, 4 intelligent and 2 stationary radar installations are for sale in the Bogotsky district of the Khorezm region.
In the city of Khiva, Khorezm region, 4 intelligent and 1 stationary radar installations were put up for sale at an online auction.

Also, in the Kasansay district of the Namangan region, 1 intelligent and 1 stationary radar installations are on sale.

The starting cost of camera installation sites is from 1,470,000 to 3,920,000 soums.