Ramzan Kadyrov: There is no leadership in Ukraine that cares about its citizens

Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov has given a speech via his Telegram channel about military operations in Ukraine.

He says there is no leadership in Ukraine that cares about its citizens. "Zelensky has lost touch not only today, but long ago. He did not rule the state, he was ruled. He lost confidence in him because he did not act in any credible and deliberate manner.

"President Vladimir Putin, like any other Russian, does not want people to be killed among the fraternal people. He wants Ukrainians to be able to determine their own destiny, regardless of the wishes of their Western "partners."

Kadyrov acknowledged that there were casualties among the citizens of the Chechen Republic. "Two people were killed and six others were injured to varying degrees." "Yes, they will die in the war, and that's their job. These guys have decided to be heroes who sacrificed their lives for the security of the two countries."

"We need to take comprehensive measures to eradicate fascists and terrorists and to set liberate cities free," he said. In this struggle, the Ukrainian armed forces have the right to stand shoulder to shoulder with Russian troops.