Remission of some documentation claim

According to the Decree of the Presidential decree, state bodies, business associations, local executive bodies, state organizations and institutions are canceling the requirement from the population, including entrepreneurs, documents confirming the following facts:

• Registration in a neuropsychiatric dispensary;
• Registration in a neurological dispensary;
• Presence or absence of a criminal record;
• address and reference information;
• Presence or absence of personal housing in the name of a citizen;
• living space;
• presence or absence of tax arrears;
• registration of an individual - a taxpayer with the state tax authorities;
• the size of the pension and benefits;
• not having being registered in pensions and benefits receivers' list;
• registration of marriage, lack of registration of marriage or divorce.
Government agencies and organizations request these documents and information from the relevant government agencies and organizations, including through the platform for interdepartmental integration of the e-government system.