Russia's new version of McDonald's unveils logo

The Russian fast food chain that was formerly McDonald's in the country has revealed its new logo as it prepares to reopen its restaurants from Sunday.

The new branding features a circle and two lines, which are said to represent a burger and two French fries.

The company has not yet revealed the name of the chain, although a number of options have reportedly been considered.

Social media users commented that the new logo still looked like an "M".
Others said that the new logo seemed to be inspired by the flag of Bangladesh, which also has a dark green background and a red circle in similar shades to the new logo.

The names reportedly under consideration include "Tot Samyi", which translates to "the same one" and "Svobodnaya Kassa" which means "available cash register".

P.S: The fast food giant opened its first Russian restaurant in Moscow in January 1990.