Samsung is adding a new feature to its Galaxy Watch5 smartphones

Samsung is reportedly working on adding a thermometer to its new Galaxy Watch5 smartwatch, which comes handy in detecting early signs of COVID-19 and other fevers.

It is not enough to equip the watch with a thermometer sensor. The skin temperature of the wrist is strongly affected by external factors such as sunlight, which makes it difficult to accurately measure body temperature. As a result, Samsung and other companies (such as Apple) have refused to install the sensor on smart watches.

According to the Korean publication, Samsung has solved this problem. In fact, a body temperature sensor could be installed on this year’s Samsung wearable devices, as the company is testing a Galaxy Buds prototype that can measure human body temperature. The prototype uses an infrared sensor to monitor the temperature of the eardrum.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch5 will reportedly be launched in August.