Silk and Wool Development Committee expands cooperation in Spain

The delegation of the Committee for the Development of Sericulture and Wool Industry of the Republic of Uzbekistan, within the framework of its visit to Spain, is establishing cooperation with a number of large companies.

During the visit, negotiations were held between members of the delegation and the Spanish companies OVIGEN and WES. OVIGEN of the Spanish Kingdom is a leader in the breeding industry. In order to get acquainted with the activities, achievements and accumulated experience of this company in the field of breeding, a visit to the Center for the Development of Breeding was organized.

During the visit, the company's breeding laboratory was presented. The scientific experience of artificial insemination by modern methods, the creation of their genetic bank, laboratory reproduction of embryos have been carefully studied.

In addition, during the negotiations, an agreement was reached on the creation in Uzbekistan, together with the OVIGEN company, of a modern breeding laboratory and a training center in accordance with international standards.

Documents are being drawn up to establish bilateral mutually beneficial cooperation between OVIGEN and the Association for the Development of Pasture Economy.