Tanzila Narbaeva: Women's entrepreneurship is an important driver of economic growth and sustainable development

The delegation of the Republic of Uzbekistan, headed by the Chairperson of the Senate of the Oliy Majlis, Chairperson of the Dialogue of Women Leaders of Central Asian Countries T. Narbayeva, took part in the third Eurasian Women's Forum, which was held in St. Petersburg.

On October 13, T. Narbayeva spoke at a special session "Women's entrepreneurship as the basis of a smart economy: sustainable and equal solution", organized by the "UN-Women" structure. This platform brought together practitioners, experts and politicians to discuss the limitations and difficulties faced by women entrepreneurs and which do not allow them to fully participate in the process of economic recovery, creating local and global economic ties.

As you know, women's entrepreneurship is an important driver of economic growth and sustainable development. Business women play an essential role in the development of the country, ensuring economic growth, creating jobs, and promoting innovation.

The head of the upper house of the parliament of Uzbekistan, in her speech, noted that the economy cannot fully realize its potential without the participation of women, since women, who make up half of the world's population, are the same driving force of economic growth as men.

“Support and stimulation of women's entrepreneurship, in particular small and medium-sized businesses headed by women, will contribute to faster economic recovery after the pandemic, social integration, poverty reduction and the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals in general,” said the Chairperson of the Senate of Uzbekistan.