Tanzila Narbayeva: The people themselves can be the opposition

Tanzila Narbayeva, Chairman of the Senate of the Oliy Majlis of Uzbekistan, answered the question about the opposition in Uzbekistan in an interview with "Voice of America". The discourse was organized within the framework of the recent visit of the chairman of the upper chamber to Washington.

Navbahor Imomova, a journalist of the American media company, highlighted that international organizations note in their reports that there is no political competition, political space and opposition in the parliament in Uzbekistan. She asked the chairman of the Senate how she could answer the question why there is still no real opposition in Uzbekistan.

"Why is there no opposition?" There is. Criticism is everywhere. But it needs time to be institutionalized. Now there is freedom of thought. On the Internet, strong opinions are expressed to the parliament, the leadership, the government, etc. Isn't that what the opposition is? The people themselves can be the opposition," she said.

According to her, in any developed country, even in all the darkest and most developed countries, there is discontent among the people. "I think this is a normal situation," said the chairman of the Senate.

Tanzila Narbayeva asserted that today the representatives of the higher authorities "came down" to receive and respond to citizens' appeals.

“Now the ‘tops’ have gone ‘down’. If you follow the media, and every minister, and the chairman of the Supreme Court, and the prosecutor general and other high-ranking officials went down. So that among the population there were no concepts of “high” authorities and “low” level, President Mirziyoyev sent all officials “down”. Wherever citizens go with a complaint, their problem will be listened to,” she said.