Tashkent City is for sale

The Administrative Council of Tashkent City has announced an open sale at the estimated cost of the recreation park.

In accordance with the decision of the Administrative Council of Tashkent City, it is planned to conduct an open sale at the estimated cost of a modern recreation park.

According to the relevant decision of the State Tender Commission, it is planned to attract a professional organization to develop a "Master Plan" for privatization and further maintenance (operation) of the facility.

In this connection, the Agency for State Assets Management of Uzbekistan announces a competition to select a professional company to develop a "Master Plan" for further privatization and requirements for the operation of the facility, as well as the conditions and forms of privatization of the facility.

The proposed procedure and requirements for the privatization and operation of the facility should be developed in accordance with the legislation of Uzbekistan, as well as taking into account the individual characteristics of the facility.

In addition, the company develops and provides all the necessary services for it. The customer with this announcement defines the requirements for a professional company and the "Master Plan", and evaluates the structure of his proposal in the appropriate order.