Tashkent is switching to transport cards.

Public transport users in Tashkent are becoming more and more accustomed to the automated payment system for public transport. Over 282 thousand cards have already been sold.

This is evidenced by the data of the operator of the automated fare payment system, ATTO company, showing a significant increase in the use of transport cards in recent months.

As of March 1, 2021, 282 198 transport cards were sold. (225,715 general transport cards and 56,483 concessional transport cards).

In January, 3,189,952 trips were made using general transport cards, in February this figure increased by 15% and amounted to 3,750,172 trips. In total, 6940 124 trips were recorded in the first two months of this year, of which 2 647 707 trips were by buses and 4 274 417 by metro.

In February, the average number of daily trips on weekdays (working days) by transport cards, bank cards and tariff cards in the capital's public transport (buses and metro) was 331,240, of which:

Transport cards - 155,360 trips per day (94,770 in the metro and 60,590 in buses).
Tariffs (concessional and general) - 153,200 trips per day (35,760 in the metro and 117,440 in buses).
Bank cards - 22,680 trips per day (15,890 in the metro and 6,790 in buses)