Taxpayers should be helpers, not punishers - President

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev held a meeting at the State Tax Committee on the next steps to improve the sector, which set tasks to reduce the tax burden and digitize the sector.

"We have declared human dignity, we are trying to please our people. When will our people agree? Taxes will be lower and incomes will increase," Shavkat Mirziyoyev said.

In particular, it aims to reduce the tax burden on the economy by 25 percent by 2026. It is also planned to reduce the value added tax to 12% from 2023, and then combine land and property taxes.

The head of state stressed the need to improve the work of tax authorities, the widespread introduction of information technology. As a result, the process will be fully automated, tax barriers will be eliminated to reduce the size of the "shadow economy" and human resources will be strengthened.

"I came here to represent the taxpayers," he said. For us right now, revenue growth is not the key. First of all, we need to correct the system, teach it to those who do not know, reduce the tax burden, and ensure that entrepreneurs work freely and honestly. Taxpayers should be helpers, not punishers.

As mentioned, in some cases, many questions arise because entrepreneurs do not understand the new program and requirements.Therefore, it is necessary to train them to work in a new way, to increase the coverage of e-services on the basis of the principle of "Taxpayer - Assistant".

The tax system should be actively involved in the transformation of state-owned enterprises, guiding them in cost reduction and financial stability.

The head of state focused on the quality of training at the Fiscal Institute under the Tax Committee. It was noted that it is important to train tax officials on the new IT programs being introduced in the system, as well as to improve the skills of specialists abroad.