Textile export is planned to increase to $ 142 million

On May 7-9, 2021, a conference of the Textile Forum "New Uzbekistan - New Textiles: Beneficiary of GSP + in the EU" was held at the Hilton Hotel, dedicated to the development of the domestic textile industry and its further promotion in the EU market under the GSP + system.

By a decision of the European Commission a special system of preferences of the European Union for sustainable development and good governance (GSP +) entered into force for Uzbekistan on April 10. Uzbekistan was admitted as a beneficiary country under the General Scheme of Preferences (GSP). The use of the GSP + system implies additional opportunities to increase the export of textile products to the EU countries.






<p style="margin: 0px; text-overflow: ellipsis; overflow-wrap: break-word; color: rgb(23, 43, 77); font-family: -apple-system, BlinkMacSystemFont, " segoe="" ui",="" roboto,="" "noto="" sans",="" ubuntu,="" "droid="" "helvetica="" neue",="" sans-serif;="" font-size:="" 14px;"="">At the end of 2020, exported products amounted to $ 74 million. With the application of the system of general benefits (GSP +) in relation to Uzbek textile products, exports are expected to increase to $ 142.1 million in 2021, and $ 242.2 million by 2022.