The Banking Academy hosted a meeting of the methodological council with the participation of the Higher School of Management of the Russian Academy

A regular meeting of the HR Methodological Council of the Banking and Finance Academy took place. More than 20 HR-heads of leading companies and organizations of both the republic and the capital took part in it.

The meeting consisted of two parts: at the beginning of the event, an international expert, HR-director of the Kazakstan Bank JysanBank, Honorary Professor of the Academy Anna Vladimirovna Timofeeva made an online presentation on the topic "Modern approaches to employee career management."

After that, an official presentation of joint programs with the Higher School of Corporate Governance of the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation took place.

Rector of the Academy T. Yadgarov emphasized the prospects and advantages of cooperation programs. Upon completion of the program, which received parisation as a "unique product", graduates will receive the following diplomas:
• Diploma Master of Business Administration - Master of Business Administration (MBA) - BFA;
• Diploma of Master of Business Administration - Master of Business Administration (MBA) - GSKU RANEPA;
• Harzburg Diploma of the Academy of Economics and Management - AFW (Germany).
Another significant advantage of this program is that it is fully accredited by AMBA (Association of MBA's, UK). AMBA is a prestigious international organization dedicated to accrediting business schools and MBA programs. Accreditation brings business schools international recognition of authority and status. Upon completion of the program, students will also receive an AMBA certificate.

Along with this, BFA and VSKU are launching a doctoral program, unique for Uzbekistan, with the award of the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) degree. This is the highest professional degree, designed for managers and top-level specialists with extensive practical experience.

DBA is not just a curriculum, its main purpose is independent research in the field of business management.

At the end of the conference, guests and media representatives received answers to their questions.