The center of Islamic civilization is a symbol of the spiritual strength of our people

On June 15, 2018, the day of Eid al-Fitr, the President laid the foundation stone of the Center for Islamic Civilization. Today, during the holy days of Ramadan, the head of our state visited the complex again.

This center is a huge project in terms of both majesty and essence. It has been under construction for almost four years. The complex has three floors and is built in the form of our ancient monuments. The building has a huge dome in the center and symmetrical roofs on all four sides. Today, the decoration work is underway.

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev reviewed the case. Signs and warm colors from our ancient madrasas are used to decorate the building. The head of state got acquainted with the samples of decorations and inscriptions on the walls. He said that it would be expedient to write on the tops of the gates verses calling for peace, knowledge and decency.

Information was provided on the components of the Center for Islamic Civilization. On the first floor there is a museum warehouse, rooms for storage and restoration of ancient manuscripts and artifacts, a publishing house and a bookstore.

The second floor will be the main exhibition area of ​​the complex. The Museum of Islamic History here consists of 9 sections. In the center of the building, under a 65-meter-high dome, will be placed the Ottoman Mushafi, the pearl of the Islamic world.

Around this hall there are 8 more - "Central Asia in the pre-Islamic period", "The spread of Islam in Central Asia", "Education", "Science", "Architecture and Urban Planning", "Arts and Crafts" , "Traditions" and "Third Renaissance - New Uzbekistan".

There will also be a conference hall for 550 people on this floor.