The damage caused by the giant container ship Ever Given has exceeded a billion dollars

Losses from the blocking of the Suez Canal due to the incident with the container ship Ever Given could reach one billion dollars, said the head of administration of the canal Osama Rabia.

“We will keep counting, we will take into account all the funds that we used from the first day of the incident, the expenditure on the work of tugs and dredging vessels that worked around the clock, this is a significant amount,” Rabia told Sada el-Balad TV.
He estimated that the damage from the entire incident would be "one billion dollars or so." In his opinion, "this is what is due to the state by right." The main burden of paying compensation will fall on the shoulders of insurance companies. The final amount will be announced after the investigation of the incident.
Container ship Ever Given blocked a waterway, running aground across the channel on 23 March. In the early morning of March 29, the ship moved, unblocking the channel. Navigation resumed from 18:00. Now there are about 179 ships in the queue for passage, they are planned to pass until Friday.