The delegation of Uzbekistan visited the largest enterprise for the production of feed for livestock in the European Union

The next destination of the delegation was the Cobadu livestock feed factory. The company, which is considered the largest producer of feed in the European Union, was founded in 1982.

Cobadu, located in Zamora, Kingdom of Spain, is located on 50 hectares of land and has a production capacity of 2,000 tons per hour.

The location of the company in a favorable geographic area, as well as the proximity to the Portuguese border, create great opportunities for logistics. The corporate enterprise today has over 10,000 xnumx members. The number of members is increasing by 500 per year. The modern enterprise specializing in the production of livestock feed is fully automated, and the number of permanent employees is 250 people.

During the visit, the members of the delegation, one by one, got acquainted with all stages of the production process.

The main purpose of studying the experience of this enterprise is to develop in the future a system for providing livestock with nutritious feed on an industrial basis.