The European Union plans to create a special fund for the restoration of Ukraine

According to the information, the European Union plans to establish a special trust fund to finance Ukraine's recovery process, the costs associated with the establishment of the fund will be covered by the accounts of its member states.

The European Commission, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund will participate in the creation of the fund.

It is noted that one of the problems facing Ukraine's recovery will be widespread corruption in the country. Therefore, the participants of the fund will also discuss the issue of creating effective supervisory bodies to combat it. As a first step, the commission, together with the World Bank, comprehensively evaluates financial needs.

According to the calculations of the Ukrainian authorities, the damage caused to the country as a result of military actions on their territory is estimated at one trillion dollars. The main part of the first aid will be directed to support the reconstruction of infrastructure and the provision of public services.