The Keepers project presented documentaries about people with unique professions

Presentation of documentaries within the framework of the project “The Keepers” took place in the gallery “139 Documentary Center”.

The project was created with the assistance of the State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan for Tourism Development. “The Keepers” is a series of three short documentaries about people in unique and rare professions today, whose lives are dedicated to the preservation of cultural heritage and passing traditions.

The heroes of the films: the performer of the lullaby Madina Bazarova, the restorer of ancient books Shukhrat Pulatov and the watchmaker of the Tashkent chimes Shoazim Shoabdiev. Within the framework of the opening, a round table was also held on the topic "Documentary Films and Cultural Heritage: Methodologies and Practices."

The participants of the round table discussed the use of documentary films for the preservation and study of cultural heritage, the problems of the development of the film industry in Uzbekistan, as well as the contribution of Uzbek filmmakers and documentary filmmakers in the preservation of the tangible and intangible cultural heritage of Uzbekistan.