The lack of tourists impacted real estate market in Barcelona

In April 2021, the average monthly rent per square meter in the Catalan country decreased by 16.5% compared to April last year, to € 14.50 per square meter every month.

Rental prices have plummeted due to a pandemic and a shortage of tourists, which has greatly affected the real estate market in Barcelona.

However, the fall in rental rates is not only due to the pandemic and quarantine. Catalonia has introduced new limit laws and has set an average rental fee that can be charged depending on the size, location and condition of the property.

Another problem is that many apartments that belong to absent tourists began to turn into drug dens. The people who do this are called squatters.

Squatters mostly extort money from the rightful owners. Consequently, professional companies have emerged that evict the "invaders" and ask for their services in the range of € 3,000-6,000.