The lands which were sold with the old seal

Recently, President of the Rebulic of Uzbekistan has signed the order about “Providing the equality and clearness in land relations, taking measures on reliably protection of the land rights and turn them into market assets” .

Of course, this decree was a timely normative document. Admittedly, the land issue has become a breeding ground for corruption, in recent years. If you look on social media, news about someone has become the deputy governor, that a farmer is buying land and taking bribes, spreads at the speed of light.
Unfortunately, this painful issue has reached such a level that officials have already cleverly acted beforehand for their own favor. We do not know, how we can call the fact that, under the seal of the former village councils, they sold lands to citizens and amassed wealth, during the years of independence. For example, the village of Khanabad in Zangiota district of Tashkent region considered as one of the enclave areas, which almost penetrated to the capital, hundreds of hectares of lands were used for agriculture and gardening. Of course, it was beneficial for the population as well. With the farming they made a living.

Later, when it was turned into a farm, the land began to be treated as ownerless, then, followed acquisition of wealth. That is, farmlands have begun gradually allocate to the population for a certain amount of money. During the years of independence, on the documents of the allocated lands were put the seals of the village council of the 80s and 90s. Illegal land sales have increased amid rumors that the area will join urban areas. Such situations had lasted for several years. It is believed that, nowadays, there is almost no land left. Everything was paid in the same way, either to entrepreneurs from citizens. The recipients had to quickly prepare cadastral documents and construct buildings, albeit temporarily.

If you pay attention, you can see that the people who bought the lands were rich, wealthy people or officials. Unfortunately, such examples can be found all over the country. Thousands of hectares of lands were plundered. While the rich people bought houses for their unborn grandchildren, those who made both ends meet were forced to live in the same yard with three or four brides.
Unfortunately, as a result of such abuse of the land, someone had already made a fortune on dirty money, others were skeptical and hostile towards the reforms, the state and the government.

The new presidential decree clearly regulates land allocation issues.
But there is another point which makes people to consider. If the land is sold at auction, the wealthy people will again have the land, but will the poor people not be humiliated? What other norms prescribed in the order leave no room for such doubt?

In our opinion, for answering such questions, it needs to be explained to the public the essence of the decree.