The level of combat prowess and readiness of the troops is sharply increasing

The president delivered a speech on the formation and reform of our Armed Forces.

“Of course, the process of the formation of our Armed Forces coincided with the period when the complex military-political situation reigned in the world and in our region.

As a result of our reforms, a modern armed and powerful army is being formed, capable of ensuring the security of our country and the peace of our people.

Having studied in depth the activities of our Armed Forces in 2016, we have made important decisions in all areas of military construction. And we took measures that could not be delayed, designed for a five-year perspective.

As a result of such works aimed at a specific goal, the image of our army and the meaning and meaning of military service are radically changing. The level of combat wealth and readiness of the troops is sharply increasing,” the head of our state said.