The main priority tasks of improving the mechanisms for introducing innovations in industries and sectors of the economy

The seminar was organized in order to familiarize with the main tasks, functions of deputy heads assigned to ministries and departments, business associations for the implementation of innovations, with the practical work carried out by the ministry.

The sides discussed aspects that need to be paid special attention to in the development of government bodies and business associations, industry organizations of the "road map" in the field of innovation for three years.

To date, the Ministry of Innovative Development has entrusted one of the deputy heads with the task of introducing innovations (Chief Innovation Officer) in 140 organizations and introduced a system of monthly increments of 30 percent to their base official salary. In addition, subdivisions responsible for innovative activities have been created in government bodies and business associations of about 110 organizations, and the activities of the relevant subdivisions are being coordinated.

At the end of the year, the activities of deputies assigned to ministries and departments, local executive authorities, business associations for the implementation of innovations will be assessed based on the evaluation criteria developed by the Ministry, and the most active deputies will also be awarded.