The Minister of Innovative Development received young scientists

Minister of Innovative Development Ibragim Abdurakhmanov received young people who asked about the problems of young researchers in social networks and the organization of a meeting on this issue.

Researchers complained that junior researchers in research institutes were overworked due to low salaries and were unable to devote time to research. They also said they were having difficulty buying a home and asked for help.

It was also noted that the Ministry of Innovation Development is announcing a bi-annual “Future Scholar” competition for young researchers, which allows young people to receive grants under a simplified mechanism, ie without publishing an article in an international journal and without a degree. It was noted that this opportunity can be used not only by researchers who attended the meeting, but by all young people in the country.

As a practical solution to the salary increase, the young applicants were assigned ministry staff to assist in the preparation of their projects for the “Future Scholar” program in the short term, and to review and fund them in the short term. It was explained that each young scientist could receive a supplement to his / her monthly salary and hire young people around him / her.

It was noted that they can apply for a housing subsidy. Deputy Sh. Alibekov promised to help prepare documents for the subsidy.