The Ministry of Justice is developing an entrepreneurial code

The Ministry of Justice is developing a single legal source for entrepreneurs — the Business Code, Justice Minister Ruslanbek Davletov said.

According to the Minister, the business code will be submitted for public discussion in September-October of this year.

"Everyone should realize one thing, the main essence of entrepreneurship is making a profit, efficiency and investing the resulting profits. That is, the more profit an entrepreneur receives, the more he will invest, which in turn will serve the prosperity of the country. This means that the state is interested in the development of entrepreneurship",- he noted.

It is expected that this initiative will help citizens to promote their business activities.

"An entrepreneur should work, implement their ideas. If he is immersed in paperwork and bureaucracy, who will do his job? That is why there should be one compact, accessible collection of legal norms under his hand",- the minister said.

It is worth noting that the initiative is aimed at stabilizing legislative acts and reducing state interference in the field of entrepreneurship. In particular, there are about 5,000 legal acts related to business activities. The new legal source will help to collect all the legal acts in one collection in order to avoid conflicts between them.