The most important thing is to create decent living conditions and jobs for our people

On April 6, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev got acquainted with the presentation of construction projects in Tashkent, including the construction of New Uzbekistan Street, New Uzbekistan Park, Tashkent-Eastern Airport and the Olympic Village.

It is planned to build modern complexes of 610 hectares of houses, hotels, cinemas and restaurants on New Uzbekistan Street, which is becoming one of the most important roads in the capital. The head of state first reviewed the model of the project.

The President approved the project and made recommendations on how to build houses in an energy-efficient manner and ensure heat and cold. Emphasis was placed on job creation.

"The most important thing is to create decent living conditions and jobs for our people", the head of state said.

It is estimated that the buildings will have a sales area of ​​1.7 million square meters. It will create more than 14,000 jobs. Measures have also been taken to develop the infrastructure of the Tashkent-Eastern Airport on this street and create modern conditions for passengers.

The presentation on January 30 discussed the project to build neighborhood centers. This time, a draft revised in accordance with the instructions of the President was presented.According to him, such centers will include stadiums, playgrounds, libraries, computers, kitchens, bathrooms and more.

It is known that in 2025 Tashkent will host the Asian Youth Games. The construction of the Olympic Village in Yashnabad district of the capital is planned for this prestigious competition. According to the project, an Olympic stadium will be built in the center of the town, indoor sports complexes, a water sports palace, training grounds, and a rowing pool will be built on both sides. An administrative building, a dormitory, a museum and facilities will also be built.