The national team of Guinea refused to participate in the Olympic Games because of the coronavirus

Guinean Sports Minister Sanussi Bantama Sou informed that the country's Olympic team refused to participate in the Tokyo 2020 Games due to the coronavirus situation.

«Because of COVID-19, the government, concerned about the preservation of the health of the Guinean athletes, has regretfully decided that the team will not compete at the Olympic Games in Tokyo», – Sow said.

Five athletes were to compete for Guinea at the Tokyo Olympics: Fatumata Yari Kamara (freestyle wrestling), Mamadou Samba Ba (judo), Fatumata Lamarana Toure, Mamadou Tairou Ba (both swimming) and Aissata Deen Conte (100 m running).

It is worth noting that the decision is also due to a lack of funds to cover the costs of a trip to Japan.