The number of construction enterprises that can participate in tenders has reached 18 thousand

It was noted at the meeting that in the last five years, the construction industry has become the "driver" direction of our economy.

During this period:

More than 8,000 apartment buildings with 250,000 apartments, 21,000 service and 10,500 social facilities were built, 31,000 enterprises were established;

construction permit processes were reduced from 17 to 6, the period from land allotment to construction permit was reduced from 286 days to 86 days;

The "Transparent construction" program was created, and the number of construction enterprises that could participate in tenders reached 18 thousand;

as a result, the volume of construction works increased 4 times and amounted to 107 trillion soums in 2021, and 46 trillion soums in 5 months of this year.

"It must be said openly that our entrepreneurs have learned how to build and produce building materials.

But the biggest issue still waiting to be solved in the industry is design and quality.

Finding the right solutions for projects and using local materials can easily reduce the cost of construction by 10%. This means that 10 trillion soums can be saved every year and used for other needs," the President noted.