The President approved new projects in the areas of healthcare and public utilities

On June 14, the head of state got acquainted with the presentation of 2 new projects in the field of public services and healthcare and approved them.

There are 4,938 apartment buildings in the Tashkent region, which are serviced by 36 service companies and 369 partnerships. More than half of the partnerships are in a difficult situation, and consumers are dissatisfied with the quality of services. At the event, such shortcomings in the region were criticized, after which it was instructed to establish a systematic work. The presentation provides information about the projects of economic and investment cooperation between the two regions (Tashkent region and the Republic of Tatarstan). The President critically assessed the projects and pointed out the need for a consistent expansion of the partnership.

It was also revealed that the population most often applies for cancer care in the Tashkent city and Tashkent regional branches of the republican center. They accounted for about 37 percent of all patients. In this regard, it is proposed to combine the capital and Tashkent regional branches into a single institution. As a result, qualified specialists and high-tech equipment will be concentrated in one place, and the quality of treatment will improve, according to the website