The President of the Kyrgyz Republic is interest in a project of saffron cultivation

The President of the Kyrgyz Republic Sadyr Japarov arrived in our country on a state visit yesterday and took part in an exhibition at the Yashnabad Technopark, which showcases the economic potential of Uzbekistan. He expressed the interested in saffron cultivation in our country, which is increasing to the industrial level.
Currently, the Uzbek-Italian joint venture BMB-OPERA ZAFFERANO is implementing a saffron production and processing project. The joint venture was established in cooperation with the Uzbek investment and consulting company BMB TRADE GROUP and the Italian company OPERA SRL.
Large-scale saffron production in the country is expected to be an important factor in the development of agriculture, the supply of local raw materials to pharmaceutical companies, as well as increasing exports.
Consequently, Bright Uzbekistan and BMB TRADE GROUP are planning to establish close cooperation