The procedure for providing public services for the admission of children to the 1st grade has been established

The Government Decree "On further improving the provision of public services in the public education system" was adopted.

The decree approved the administrative regulations for the provision of public services:

Admission of children to public schools and transfer of students from one school to another;

Receipt of applications for admission of children of foreign citizens and stateless persons to school;

Receipt of applications for external examinations;

Issuance of duplicates of official state documents on general secondary education.

Accordingly, by May 1 of each year, the list of areas where public services are provided for the admission of students to 1st grade and transfer from one school (class) to another is approved and the official website of the Ministry of Public Education will be published on the website.

Children in 1st grade are admitted in the year they turn 7 years old.

No fee is charged from the applicant for the provision of public services.

The applicant registers for admission to the school in the micro-region from June 20 to July 31 of each year on the Single interactive public services portal (Единый портал интерактивных государственных услуг) or e-services portal of the Ministry of Public Education.