The promising journey is going on

As you know, these days the team of the international information portal "Bright Uzbekistan" is on a trip to the Surkhandarya region.

The agenda of the visit includes a meeting with representatives of government agencies, local and foreign entrepreneurs, as well as familiarization with their activities.

One of these meetings was held with the chairman of the committee for the development of sericulture and astrakhan breeding of the Republic of Uzbekistan Bakhrom Sharipov and representatives of the international community.

As you know, in our country, a number of measures are being implemented to restore and develop these industries through the comprehensive use of the existing potential of the silk and astrakhan breeding industries and the creation of favorable conditions for increasing the profitability of production enterprises.

During the conversation with the chairman, it was noted that in these industries, intensification of activities is required to ensure the effective use of infrastructure resources, improve breeding indicators, strengthen the fodder base, as well as establish systematic work aimed at improving the quality and competitiveness of products.

Here the magazine's staff made a short presentation dedicated to its goals and objectives, during which they discussed the establishment of close and long-term cooperation with local entrepreneurs, joint implementation of promising projects.