The second day of the President in Surkhandarya region

The second day of the working visit of the head of state to Surkhandarya region began with a visit to the Mausoleum of Khakim at-Termezi. In the Mausoleum, dua were read with a request to the Almighty for peace, tranquility and prosperity in our country.

Later, in the city of Termez, a meeting was held under the chairmanship of the President with the participation of deputies of the Surkhandarya regional kengash, entrepreneurs and farmers, representatives of the older generation and youth, as well as public activists.

The President outlined the priority areas for the integrated development of the region and improving the life of the population according to the “mahallabay” system.

“We have come to meet with you and solve problems. We have been preparing for this trip for a long time. There are no questions left depending on Tashkent. Now it is necessary to use the provided funds and the system wisely, to work in a targeted manner on the ground. No matter how hard I try, if you yourself do not act with full dedication, the welfare of the people will not increase. If you use the internal resources of Surkhandarya, there will be all conditions for solving problems of concern to people. For this, the leaders of the sectors must show dedication, go down "down" and work according to the "mahallabay" system, - said Shavkat Mirziyoyev.

At the end of his visit, the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Miromonovich Mirziyoyev got acquainted with the newly built apartment buildings in the city of Termez. Nine-storey buildings with 208 apartments have been erected here. The outer walls are clad in three layers, which ensures the optimal temperature in the apartments in winter and summer. Each apartment is equipped with an autonomous heating boiler. On the ground floors there are shops and service points. The first families began to settle in the houses. Some of them purchased apartments on the basis of benefits provided by the state.

The President visited two such families - Nargiza Rakhimova and Farrukh Egamov.
This concludes the President's trip to Surkhandarya, and the head of state left for Tashkent.