The state property of the Tashkent fat and oil Plant is put up for auction

In accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, 55.96% of the state share in the authorized capital of the joint venture «Tashkent Oil and Fat Combine» was put up for exchange trading.

Number of shares - 4,436,581 (ordinary shares);
The starting price of one share is 24,225. 59 soums;
The total starting price of the block of shares is 107,478,792,307. 79 soums;
The organizer of the trade is JSC «Tashkent RFB»;
The number of lots is 1.

The state block of shares was put up for sale through a special platform for accepting applications for state-owned shares of the RFB "Tashkent". The transaction with the winner of the auction will be concluded in the section of the agreed auction on the Nego Board of the stock exchange.