The United States may ban the supply of spare parts to Russia

The U.S government is discussing additional measures against Russia in connection with its invasion of Ukraine. Among the proposed measures is a ban on the export of components used in the aviation and automotive industries.

If Russia invades Ukraine, the United States will consider additional tight export controls. "Russia's capacity to import critical components for cellphones, aircraft, and automobiles, as well as supplies for other sectors, is recommended to be deprived" quoted Reuters relying on Joe Biden.

The measures, which will be discussed by White House officials, will be in addition to sanctions on military operations on the Russian-Ukrainian border. "Emergency export controls may bar Russia from accessing US industrial and consumer technologies," he said. Among the tools that will be banned from export to Russia are components for smartphones, aircraft, automobiles and other industries, "the agency said.

According to a source in the agency, export restrictions are likely to have a serious impact on Russian consumers, manufacturing operations and employment. If the restrictions are imposed, they will use the measures taken to ban cooperation between US companies and China's Huawei.