The «Uzbek Melon Day» was held in Germany

Currently, the government of our country is carrying out large-scale work to increase the export potential of Uzbekistan and expand the range and volumes of products supplied to foreign countries. A special place in this is occupied by the representative offices of our country abroad.

Recently, at the initiative of the Embassy of our country in Germany and by agreement of Uzbek and German partner companies, the first trial batch of melons grown in Uzbekistan was delivered to the largest German retail chain «Edeka».

In connection with the beginning of the melon sales season, the «Uzbek Melon Day» was organized in the shopping center «Edeka» in the city of Lahr, Baden-Württemberg region of Germany. It was attended by the Ambassador of Uzbekistan to Germany, the management of the «Edeka» company, the chief mayor of the city of Lahr, deputies of the Bundestag and the Regional parlament, as well as representatives of the general public.

During the event, the participants were provided with detailed information about the potential of growing and processing agricultural products and export opportunities of our country.