Tokayev’s order to shoot the terrorists without warning

Kasyym-Jomart Tokayev, Kazakh President, has addressed the nation for the third time in connection with the ongoing protests in the country.

Terrorists are continuing to damage state property and private property, and using weapons against civilians. I ordered law enforcement agencies and the army to shoot without warning” - Tukayev noted in a statement broadcast on national television.

According to President, 20,000 bandits had attacked Almaty. Hundreds of civilians and soldiers were wounded and killed as a result of their actions.
The Kazakh leader thanked Putin and other CSTO members for their "prompt response".

"Those who do not surrender will be deceased" -Tokayev claimed.
The head of state said that all the demands of those who expressed their demands peacefully would be heard and that the state of emergency in the areas where the situation remained calm would be phased out.