Top 15 reforms of Shavkat Mirziyoyev for 5 years as President

The nationwide movement "Yuksalish" conducted an expert survey to determine the most effective reforms that have contributed to significant changes in the country over the past five years.

1. Establishing good-neighborly relations in Central Asia.
2. Eliminating problems with cash, installing an ATM.
3. Launching public service centers, eliminating unnecessary bureaucracy.
4. As part of the development of tourism, the introduction of a visa-free regime for 90 countries.
5. Elimination of forced labor.
6. Introduction of a new system for considering citizens ' appeals.
7. Strengthening the role of the media in society and decision-making.
8. Raising issues of gender equality to the level of state policy, in particular, the creation of the Republican Gender Commission.
9. Development of the higher education system: increasing the quota of admission to universities, opening branches of national and foreign universities.
10. Simplification of business registration and management processes.
11. Formation of an integrated approach to poverty reduction.
12. Introduction of legal and institutional changes in the fight against corruption.
13. Creation of a new youth support system.
14. Introduction of the procedure for granting citizenship to persons who have been permanently residing in Uzbekistan for 15 years.
15. Creation of protective forest stands on the dried-up bottom of the Aral Sea.

It is worth noting that the survey was conducted with the participation of 100 national and foreign experts from among leading politicians, economists, scientists, journalists, human rights defenders and other public figures.