Transparency Uzbekistan will study corruption and openness

The first non – governmental anti-corruption organization in the country, the analytical center "Uzbekistan Ochiklik va shaffoflik" (Transparency Uzbekistan), has been registered with the Ministry of Justice.

The main tasks that the center will be engaged in are:
- Conducting research on the causes and consequences of corruption of the damage caused by it, as well as ways to prevent it;
- Conducting research to assess the level of corruption, the level of trust in public authorities and the effectiveness of anti-corruption measures;
- Implementation of strict public control over the activities of state bodies to ensure transparency, fairness and honesty;
- Preparation and publication of alternative reports on the prevention of corruption and the rule of law in Uzbekistan;
- Implementation of international standards in Uzbekistan in the field of openness and transparency, the fight against corruption, the rule of law;
- Conducting an independent examination of draft laws and publishing its results.

The Center will receive accreditation from the international organization Transparency International and will join other specialized international organizations for further cooperation with them.