Turkey will gradually come out of lockdown

The process of Turkey's withdrawal from the declared quarantine will begin on May 17, Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan announced on Wednesday, RIA Novosti reports.

The daily increase in the incidence of coronavirus on April 16 in Turkey showed the maximum since the beginning of the pandemic, amounting to 63,082 cases, after which it began to gradually decrease and on May 10 reached the lowest value in two months - 13,604.

Earlier, Erdogan announced a full lockdown in the country from 19: 00 on April 29 to 5: 00 on May 17 due to the situation with the coronavirus. All organizations and institutions have ceased their activities, with the exception of those released by the circular of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Long-distance travel is possible only after obtaining permission from the authorities. Hotel reservations are no exception to long-distance travel restrictions. The curfew does not apply to foreign tourists.

"Bringing the pandemic under control, at the end of Ramadan (May 17) we will take steps to start a controlled normalization. We planned to get rid of this scourge before the end of last year, but all the new waves of the pandemic affected not only our country, but also the whole world. We were forced to take restrictive measures again, " Erdogan said in a televised address on the occasion of the end of Ramadan.