Uzbek national cuisine enlists tourists in the international arena

Members of the international media portal Bright Uzbekistan are taking part in the "National Cuisine Week of Uzbekistan", organized as part of the international exhibition "EXPO 2020 DUBAI" and presented a special issue of the magazine "TOP BUSINESS".

Currently, the Uzbek pavilion of the international exhibition EXPO 2020 DUBAI in Dubai, UAE, is hosting the Week of National Cuisine of Uzbekistan.

At the event, members of the delegation from 192 countries, many entrepreneurs and tourists savoured the variety of Uzbek national dishes, methods of preparation and delicious taste.

The exhibition featured our national breads, somsa and several types of world-famous pilaf, including Samarkand, Tashkent and wedding pilafs. The kebab, which is one of the favorite meal, was also introduced to the guests of the exhibition.

Specially prepared national dishes for the week enlisted a lot of interest and long queues from tourists and locals visiting the exhibition.