Uzbek silkworm breeding experience is of great interest in neighboring countries

The Committee for the Development of the Silk and Wool Industry of the Republic of Uzbekistan held a joint meeting with members of the Executive Committee of the President and the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Tajikistan, the leadership of “Tajik Cocoon” and UNIDO.

In fact, the members of the delegation also visited in January this year to get acquainted with the silk industry in Fergana and Surkhandarya regions.
The guests were introduced the mulberry tree, which consists of 11 species of mulberries in Uzbekistan, and learned about their unique characteristics. They watched the showroom of the “Uzbekipaksanoat” Association and got acquainted with the products made of national silk.

"By the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated March 29, 2017" On measures to organize the activities of the Association "Uzbekipaksanoat", positive steps have been taken to develop the silk industry, and the network has begun to recover and develop" said Chairman of the Committee for the Development of Silk and Wool Industry Bahrom Sharipov.

Bahrom Sharipov: “The reason is that the head of state himself has paid a lot of attention to our industry. As a result of the privileges granted by the decree, we were able to raise silkworms four times a year and grow high-quality cocoons. At present, the country produces more than 25,000 tons of cocoons a year and has 76 cocoon processing enterprises. There are also 5 fabric factories. From this year on, it is planned to turn 50% of our silk into a fabric and export it abroad. About 1 million people are employed in the sector, 90% of whom are dressmaker females living mainly in remote areas. Within four years, association has gradually moved from cocoon cultivation to the production of fabrics and finished products”.

Guests, who visited to Uzbekistan for the second time to investigate the experience of silkworm breeding and continue cooperation in this area, acknowledged that Uzbekistan is a country with rich experience and high potential in the field of silkworm breeding.