Uzbek startup is in the Top 10 ranking in Iceland AppStore

As of December 6, 2021,”UnoAR”, the app created on the NazzAR platform ranked 2nd in the top 10 most popular apps of AppStore apps downloaded in Iceland.

Currently, in order to support young startup projects in Uzbekistan, companies operating in the field of information technology are provided with consequential avails. In particular, one of the startup projects promoted by the Ministry of Innovation Development is SmartChain IT, which designed the mobile application NazzAR. This company has been operating in the field of innovative technologies since 2018.

NazzAR animates 3D shapes, videos and photos of real objects focused on the application. Today, this application is widely used in the field of tourism in Uzbekistan, allowing tourists to get more intriguing information about museums and historical monuments.

What is more, a virtual tour of the ministry building through the website of the Ministry of Innovation Development, a virtual interpretation of the exhibition as part of the International Week of Innovative Ideas "InnoWeek-2021" is the result of the activities of this startup company.

It is worth noting that the SmartChain IT platform has established a partnership with the Icelandic company in this year (2021).

"For our overseas partner, our team has developed a novel, one-of-a-kind product dubbed "UnoAR." SmartChain's greatest technical solutions and advances are included into this augmented reality technology. "One of the leading merchants in the sector of electronics is our first overseas client" said Bobur Rakhimov, CEO of SmartChain IT.