Uzbek textile workers are covering marketplaces: a successful visit of Russian companies

This year has been very eventful for the Uzbek textile industry: since the beginning of 2022, there were plenty of events, such as textile forums, various seminars, international exhibitions and numerous meetings with interested foreign companies, brands and retailers. Particularly, several countries have sent their delegations to Uzbekistan.

Uzbekistan enlists foreign partners with its stable political and economic situation and alacrity to cooperate in all areas, especially in the textile sector, which aims to increase exports of finished products.

Russia, which exported about $ 1 billion worth of textiles, clothing and knitwear in 2021, considers Uzbekistan as a reliable partner. In the first months of 2022, it exported almost $ 400 million.

Currently, a Russian delegation (about 90 people) consisting of representatives of leading Russian marketplaces such as Wildberries, Yandex. Market, Ozone, Lamoda is visiting Uzbekistan.

The purpose of the visit was to be familiarized with the finished textile products of Uzbekistan and to study the supply of high quality finished products to the Russian market.

During the visit, the guests got acquainted with the products of the largest textile enterprises of Uzbekistan "LUKBO TEXTILE", "Chirchik Mega Biznes", "Zarista textile" and "Uztex Group".

The guests were interested in jeans, sportswear, T-shirts, socks and women's dress. The supply of these products was also consented.