Uzbekistan Airways resumes flights from Moscow Domodedovo airport

NJSC Uzbekistan Airways will resume flights from Moscow Domodedovo airport starting from July 15.

This was reported by the press service of the airline. "The decision to resume flights is primarily due to the provision of comfort and an increase in the level of passenger service on the flights of Uzbek airlines," the airline said.

In order to create favorable conditions for the rapid development of tourism in Uzbekistan due to the wide geography of flights and transfer flights of the airport's partner airlines, cooperation between Uzbekistan Airways and Domodedovo will be fundamental.

"Our cooperation will open up new opportunities for passengers to significantly save time and flight costs," said Akmal Juraev, regional representative of Uzbekistan Airways in Russia.

Also "We are opening a new page of partnership and aim to use the technologies and competencies of the airport to strengthen the position of Uzbekistan Airways in the market. I am sure that the rich history and culture of Uzbekistan will attract the attention of tourists, and the comfort and service on the airline's flights will determine the choice in favor of departure from Domodedovo." - said the director of the Moscow Domodedovo airport Andrei Pavlov.