Uzbekistan and the United States plan to start a dialogue of strategic cooperation

The authorities of the two states are discussing plans to hold the first meeting in Tashkent in the format of a strategic partnership dialogue, said spokesman and spokesman for the Uzbek Foreign Ministry, Yusup Kabulzhanov.


"The agenda includes the organization of the first meeting of the strategic partnership dialogue between Uzbekistan and the United States in Tashkent" - Kabulzhanov said at a briefing on Wednesday.


The meeting of the new format is important for the entire Central Asian and the role of Uzbekistan in the global arena. On the eve of the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, as announced by US President Joe Biden, strengthening cooperation with Uzbekistan is strategic for the United States. In addition, ensuring peace after the withdrawal of the US military is a priority for the Republic of Uzbekistan. Central Asia is entering a new era of regional cooperation, in the interests of Uzbekistan to ensure peace in the region and integrate Afghanistan into economic relations with the countries of the region.


The organization of a new format of dialogue between Tashkent and Washington will bear the character of mutual assistance in achieving common goals.